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Slowww (Landscapes) is inspired by the Norwegian concept of ‘Slow TV’ - the term used to describe marathon coverage of an event, typically shown in real-time. 


Through MRooms, a web-based Max networking application developed by Matthew Wang (assistant director of PLOrk), laptop performers can remotely control the audio and visual processing of a max-patch in near real time. 


The instructions to perform are simple: freely improvise by remotely controlling the audio processing parameters of the live streamed Max-patch (host). The host-patch uses recordings from a series of guitar pieces I composed called Landslög: The performance should cycle through all of the 11 landscapes (if possible) once, with a performer (or performers) improvising on each landscape. 


In the spirit of Slow TV the performance should be quite long and ambient, at times even boring in nature. With that in mind I ask that people try to be humble with the amount they modify the audio and visual processing parameters, although going a bit crazy rarely can add some nice variety.  Note that only the visuals and audio are to be live streamed, not any of the max patches.


About the audio processing

The audio processing is centered around live-processing 11 recordings. These recordings are played at extremely slow tempos using Max’s time-stretch mode and processed through a variety of audio effects in Max. Laptop performers can improvise by controlling processing parameters through a client patch that sends messages through MRooms that are then received by a host laptop which has the host audio and visual patches; the output of which is live-streamed.


About the visual processing

The visuals loop and mix heavily processed and slowed down nature stock footage through pixel processing and interactive shaders in Jitter


Slowwww (Landscapes)

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