Svart-Hvít Ský á Himni (2020)
9-15' (adjustable duration)

Electric guitar, max patch and visuals

Composed for  Jonathan Fitzgerald

Screenshot of visuals

Dimmar Öldur Rísa (2018)

Electric guitar and max patch or guitar and backing track.

Composed for  J i j i

Selected for Ung Nordisk Musik 2019

Delay Suite (2018)

Guitar and max patch. 

Spin 1.618 (2018)

Electric guitar, max patch and Guitar Rig 5 .

5 Preludes (2018)

Guitar and max patch or solo guitar.
Dedicated to Ben Verdery.

Prelude no.1 finalist in 2018 Changsa International Composition Competition

photo: marta giaccone

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