String Quartet no.1 
- Bergmál 

For String Quartet and Max-Patch


Composed for Aizuri Quartet


Other versions of this piece include

- String Quartet with no electronics

- String Orchestra
- Two Guitars and Max Patch 
- Solo Guitar and Max Patch
- Solo Piano

Recorded on my album Bergmál

Four Chords (2019)

For Two Guitars and Two Cellos

Composed for Mirror Strings

Greatest Hits vol. 2 (2019)

For Laptop Orchestra (4+) and Max patch. 

Composed for Princeton Laptop Orchestra (PLOrk)


Screenshot of Max Patch

Bylur (2019)

For Violin, 2 flutes, 2 vibraphones, thunder sheet, Bassoon, Double Bass, Synthesizer, Electric guitar and Max-Patch

Composed for UNM Ísland and Elja
Selected for Ung Nordisk Musik 2020

Greatest Hits vol. 1 (2017)

For 13 laptops and max patch.

Composed for Yale Laptop Orchestra 2017

Suite (2017)

Electric guitar, string quartet, max patch and optional percussion

photo: marta giaccone

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